Kendall Square IP Strategies, LLC

Kendall Square IP Strategies, LLC, was formed in July 2016.  The firm provides cost-effective, strategic intellectual property advice in the life sciences.

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I have worked with venture and private equity funds, professionally financed start-ups, and public and private biotech, pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies of all sizes and stages for almost 30 years.

      At Kendall Square IP Strategies, LLC, I provide, strategic, cost effective, intellectual property advice to life sciences clients.  This includes advice on: the design and execution of worldwide IP portfolios; claim drafting; IP strategies for NewCos; IP landscape and freedom-to-operate issues; competitor or collaborator IP; in- and out- licensing opportunities; negotiation and management of collaborations; financing- and collaboration-related diligence; and managing IP costs.  I can also help you select, and work with, outside IP counsel.

My approach is tailored to each client, but in general, is based on the integration of intellectual property issues with business, scientific, product, regulatory, financing/raising capital, and competitive concerns.

I have experience in many technologies relevant to commercial life sciences.

Kendall Square IP Strategies, LLC, does not provide some services that full service IP firms provide, e.g., docketing services.  Although Kendall Square IP Strategies, LLC, does not provide these services, I can help you in selecting a law firm that does. 

I am a registered patent attorney and a member of the Massachusetts bar.

Louis Myers

Intellectual Property Strategy